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These are just a few of the 300 songs Luanne has written. Some are professionally recorded, and some are just quick and dirty.  Some were recorded recently and some back when she was in her early 20's. Some are available on her three CDs which can be downloaded on Amazon and Apple Music (and more) or streamed on Spotify and most other streaming services. A few are parodies of songs that others have written - noted as such. If there is a video of the song, either something Luanne created or of her performing it, you'll see a link -click and enjoy!.
Be sure to check out Playing at Work  by clicking the button on the Home page, to listen to the songs inspired by her day-job in biotech before her retirement in 2022. 
Luanne is continually writing more songs as well as adding old ones as she records them. Be sure to check back often!
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