Autumn Skies

by Luanne Crosby


Autumn Skies
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I wrote this song for the people who lost loved ones on 9/11. Although I did not, I've been moved by the many voices I've heard from that day and have attempted to capture some of the expressions of loss, of being grateful for the time shared before the unthinkable happened, of the inevitability of life going on, of memories, of healing. This is my tribute to their pain and resilience.

Memories as clear as autumn skies
Time spent with you was like a prize
You showed
What love can be

You are of my world, its joy its pain
In the summer breeze and winter rain
That falls
Your voice calls
To me

You lived
You loved
Blue ribbon days
Warmed us with your laughter
Held me in your gaze
I won’t grant to the horror, unfolding on that day
More power than the promise of the lives it swept away

Memories as clear as autumn skies
Morning coffee and a kiss goodbye
The last one
1000 times

Always it will break my heart to see
The image as our private life
And history
In those autumn skies

There were times I was lost in grief
And wanted to stay
Frozen in that day
And I might have been
But like a leaf
In the wind
Life carried me away