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Hold Me

by Luanne Crosby



Hold MeLuanne Crosby
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In 1970, I was in London for a day or two before heading to Scotland. I met a Czechoslovakian guy named Ivan, with whom I had a one-night stand. It was all very romantic for me, as a young teenager, and the experience inspired this song.

Hold me baby hold me
Love me all night long
Bring your body closer now
We'll sing a lover's song
And though it's just been hours since you told your name to me
I will love you till the dawn when I must leave

Love me, baby, love me Give me what you can
I will be your woman now and you can be my man
Though I must leave to do the things that I set out to do
There will always be a memory of you

And though we might not have the time to say the things we'd like to say
Our eyes will meet and whisper, babe, that there might be another day

Dream now baby dream
Close your eyes and sleep
I'll be lying wishing for the secrets that you keep
And when the sky turns paler blue I'll close my tired eyes
And move a little closer to your side

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