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Ice on the Ocean

by Luanne Crosby

L. Crosby 1979


Ice on the OceanLuanne Crosby
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I recorded this song as part of an EP called The Start back in the 80's. Warren Olsen on bass and back-up vocals, Sa Davis on percussion, me on guitar and vocals. Produced by Darleen Williams.

Like ice on the ocean
And rain on a sunny day
Nature contradicts herself
In such a beautiful way
You and I like day and night
Yet so alike in ways
Our hearts got a crazy notion
Like Ice on the Ocean

Ver se 1:
You are a quiet man
I say what’s on my mind
We’ve lived in different words
Somehow it seems that they rhyme

I like the man I see
All that you are is true
If we take what is me
Put it with all that is you
There’ll be no limit to what we can do

repeat chorus

Verse 2
I love the man you are
You are the man who sees
All of the things I am
All of the things I can be

If you give me your hand
I’ll gladly give you mine
Let’s try to understand
All of the things we can find
As we begin to know each other’s minds

repeat chorus

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