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Tears and Kisses

by Luanne Crosby


Tears and KissesLuanne Crosby
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I wrote this song after my boyfriend and I built a camper on the back of our '66 Chevy pickup truck and took off to see the country.

You know when you go digging up the past
Youre gonna find a few friendships didn’t last
Oh with some the years apart are so easy to forget
With others that’s the only thing that’s left

Just a few short weeks ago we told our friends it’s time to go
Said goodbye with tears and kisses
Oh god we’r gonna miss you
At last we’re on our way together, for awhile or forever
Everybody asks but we don’t know
Back on the road together, seems like it goes on forever
One thing’s true ‘bout those who roam
They can’t stop until they find themselves a home

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