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Song for Humanity

by Luanne Crosby



Song for HumanityLuanne Crosby
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Song for Humanity (aka We All Deserve to Die) was written during one of my many bouts of frustration with the current state of the world. I have two videos, one with an intro and more about the song and the other with just the song. Find both on the Video tab. Enjoy either or both!

We all deserve to die, Humanity is vile
Luckily, we’ll all be gone, if we just wait a while
Climate change will wipe us out and leave the earth to heal
Can’t say that it will miss us much, I know just how it feels

We all deserve to die, humanity is mean
Those of us who do what’s right, seem few and far between
The healers and the helpers, always doing more
Cleaning up after our species, that’s what charities are for

We all deserve to die, that statement’s kind of glum but
When humans rule the earth it brings a miserable outcome
So much is motivated by fear and ignorance
With all the jerks upon the earth, earth doesn’t stand a chance

Colonization, Slavery, and Greed
sexism, racism, that’s what mankind breeds
Anti semitism, bigotry and hate
Subjection by totalitarian states
Capitalism overseen by heartless corporate scum
Religion that divides us, whose God’s the better one??

Sure some create true beauty through music, dance and art
Some spread their love and kindness with open head and heart
Some listen to what nature says and act on what they hear
If there were more like that the need for our demise is not as clear… but then another atrocity occurs and I start thinking..

We all deserve to die, I know that isn’t fair
But we’ve raped and scourged and pillaged, now it’s time to clear the air
And once we’re gone the earth can heal, and hopefully there won’t be
Another species that evolves that’s as destructive as humanity

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