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Waiting for the Fall

by Luanne Crosby



Waiting for the Fall
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I wrote this song one summer which was brutally hot. It was almost too much even for me who loves summer and heat. I got the idea coming out of the gym at 7 a.m. one July morning and it was already 80 degrees. I thought, "It's not even August and I'm waiting for the fall." That got me going . . .
I made a video of this song as well, which you can watch on the Videos tab.

Summer days have been hot and dry
With little relief from the blazing skies
Even the coming of the night don’t deliver me
You’d think darkness would be
A safe place for me
To hide away
But it only makes me do
What I wouldn’t do
In the light of day
Its not even August and I’m waiting for the fall

Waiting for the fall and its cooling breeze
I let summer have its way with me
Too much wine and I’m reminded
Of the times my mind denies it can recall
Waiting for the fall and its first cold rain
Hoping it’ll wash away the stain
Of too much fun,
Too much pain
I’m waiting for the fall

A pair of eyes then a pair of arms
It happened quick, I figured what’s the harm
In finding yourself a little love when you know it’s what you need
It felt too damn good
To do what I knew I should
And walk away
But when yes wants to be heard
And passion stirs then no gets hard to say
We’ve not even started and I’m waiting for the fall

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