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World of Pain

by Luanne Crosby



World of PainLuanne Crosby
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I wrote this shortly after my daughter, Anya, was born and I came to this realization. This was recorded at "The New Vienna Coffeehouse" in Westborough - the one and only show. Go to my YouTube channel to see the whole recording.

When you’re feeling cold and tired
I will warm you in my arms
When you’re feeling scared and lonely
I will keep you from harm
Oh, I can shield you from the wind
And keep you out of the pouring rain
But I can’t protect you from the World of Pain

When you’re hungry I can feed you
And my food will make you strong
When you’re feeling sick and week girl
Just tell me what’s wrong
And I will do my best to heal you
To make you well again
But I can’t protect you
From the World of Pain

World of Pain
World of Pain
I can’t protect you from
The World of Pain

So many broken hearts, so many shattered dreams
So much damage to the earth that cannot be redeemed
There is war and there is hunger, famine and disease
People with nowhere to go – people with nothing to show.

When darkness comes between us
I’ll give to you my light
When you can’t see what’s in front of you
I’ll give to you my sight
You can have the love that’s in my heart
You can have the blood that’s in my veins
But I can’t protect you
I wish I could protect you
But I can’t protect you

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