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I Do

by Luanne Crosby



I DoLuanne Crosby
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I thought we needed a good song for a wedding - and here it is!

Come tell the tale of your life story
And I’ll tell the tale of mine
And we’ll celebrate as two life stories become entwined

That something inside could feel this sure
I guess I never knew
I never believed that love could make my heart a part of you

But today
I do

You are the sailor
I am the ocean
Calling you here to me
Love is an island
Fertile and growing
Rising from the sea

Believe me when I say our love will always stay this strong
Look into my face, I swear I’ll be loving you my whole life long

One miracle has brought us life
Another brought me to you
I never believed that love alone
Could make miracles come true

But today
I do
I do
I do
I do

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