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The Time has Come to Go

by Luanne Crosby



The Time has Come to GoLuanne Crosby
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Mom died on Wednesday, October 17th. I took the rest of the week off from work with the plan of going back on Monday. Then I decided I needed one more day. Monday the 22nd I spent most of the day sitting outside watching the leaves fall - it was a beautiful day. I had my ukulele with me, and I picked it up and the words came out. I wrote it all in about 10 minutes. Then I tweaked it for the next few days, but for the most part it came in one fell swoop. If you'd prefer, watch the video of me playing it by going to the Videos tab.

All anyone wants before saying goodbye
Is to know they’re loved and to find out why
So much of life can’t be explained
And if we’ll ever meet again?
And how and when we’ll finally know
We’re ready and the time has come to go

When a voice can’t speak it can sometimes sing
A bell of bronze has the deepest ring
Sometimes we heal the hidden scars
Just by being who we are

You touched the world, we know that well
A shiny pearl in an oyster shell
A splash of rainbow in the sky
I dreamed we got to say goodbye

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