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The Best for Last

by Luanne Crosby


The Best for LastLuanne Crosby
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Woke up early on a Saturday morning, went into the kitchen got the coffee pouring - listen and you can find out what happens next! CLICK TO WATCH THE VIDEO

Happy golden days, once more

I grab the newspaper from the driveway
I’ll need my glasses but you know in some ways
I see clearer than I ever have before

When I was younger had a hard time knowing
What I really felt and where I was going
And now my heart is strong, my mind is sure

Funny, as a girl, I didn’t quite imagine this me
Didn’t know a little time would set me free
Now here I am living happier than ever before

Like an artisan cheese and the finest wine
I’m finally coming into my time
Things are easier, life is breezier,
And hard times are in the past
Now I thank my stars for saving me the best for last

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