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Red States Blue (A Parody)

by Luanne Crosby

2020 (lyrics only)

Red States Blue (A Parody)Luanne Crosby
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A friend on Facebook said, "Someone should write a song about the election using the Crystal Gayle song, Don't it Make my Brown Eyes Blue. I only needed the suggestion... With apologies to the original!

We didn’t mean to make him king
I mostly blame that Russia thing
We got really screwed
But now we’ll turn the red states blue

We’ll be so glad never seeing his face
Wish he could leave without leaving a trace (but)
The mess in his wake is such a disgrace
We can’t start to recover until he’s replaced

I understand you’re feeling blue
Seems like our democracy is through
But there’s something we can do
We gotta turn the red states blue

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