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More Playing at Work

I Am Qualified is another satire written using the music of a classic, in this case Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.  It is a fictional (but familiar) account of an employee being grilled by the FDA about the training they've received.

Docs and Training is set to the classic Love and Marriage by  Sammy Cahn and  Jimmy Van Heusen. Another satirical piece, with accompanying video, it expresses Luanne's belief that if you write an SOP there needs to be comprehensive training to go along with it!

Luanne was invited to the company Leadership Conference in Marrakesh in 2017.  On the second day of the conference, the participants were split into working groups and asked to come up with their take on the day's discussions.  Luanne ended up writing a song which was submitted as the team statement.


The last evening of the conference, after the awards ceremony, she performed the song with the entire "C Class" singing backup.  You can imagine the result!  That's why, instead of posting that video (we'll spare you!) we are instead posting Luanne singing the song a few minutes after she finished writing it (before dinner that evening) up on the roof.

Luanne was asked to train some newly aquired sites on the company Document Management System.  Feeling that every project (and every training class) needs a song, she wrote this:

Here are a few more . . . 

One on Data Integrity she performed when a speaker at a Quality Summit:

A song she wrote when taking a "Train the Trainer" course in the UK to help the class remember the 9 Gagne Steps of Instruction:

A song and video for the new Ibex project in Visp, Switzerland, created using key words direct from the Corporate Communications website: 

For anyone who has survived a particularly difficult FDA inspection.

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