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Data Integrity

© L. Crosby

Data integrity

That’s what we wanna see

In everything that we do

Data integrity, it’s part of GMP

it’s also the right thing to do


Data Integrity

It’s about honesty

That should be more than a goal

integrity also means

The state of being

Undivided and whole


That means you don’t mess with data

And you don’t fudge the date

With those rules it’s easy to comply

But though what you include

may be only the truth

What you omit can make it a lie




It’s gotta be Attributable, and Legible

Contemporaneous and Original

Accurate Complete Consistent  Enduring and Available

That’s ALCOA+


Data Integrity

It means veracity

A fancy word for the truth

If data is corrupted

Then everything’s disrupted

And there’s really no excuse


Because all of it matters to our customer’s fate

And by the time we correct it, it could be too late

It might be the difference between  life and death

Or maybe just a matter of  trust

But either way -
Data integrity - It's up to all of us!

Data Integrity - Luanne Crosby

Written for the 2019 Quality Summit in Greenwood, SC where I was a speaker

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