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Music for "The Peeps!"

Luanne has been bringing her musical talents to friends, family, and her “peeps” at Beaumont in Northborough for years. Due to the Corona Pandemic and required “social distancing,” she has been unable to visit, so she decided to record a set of old time favorites at Westborough TV so they could be shared with folks via television or online.  Thus the "Peeps Musical Hour” began.

Since then, Luanne has recorded Episode 2 of the Peeps Musical Hour and then had the idea of creating shorter offerings of 15 minutes or so which can be played during "Zoom" Memory Cafes and other times people want a quick musical blast but don't have a whole hour to spend.

Luanne has now decided to give each Cafe a theme, from Folk to Pop to Kid's Songs, to whatever moves her and her audience. Check back often to see what she's done next!

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