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Senior Serenades

Since October of 2012 and the death of her Mother, Liz Crosby,  Luanne has performed every Sunday afternoon at the Beaumont Skilled Nursing Facility in Northborough, Massachusetts, where Liz lived for several months after suffering a stroke.  Luanne often brought her ukulele to raise her mother's spirits, and after she passed on, didn't feel that she should just stop, knowing how the residents and staff alike found such joy in her visits.  Luanne herself often says that they do as much for her as for them.  One thing it has done, is greatly expanded her repertoire as she learns the songs that her faithful audience remember from their youth and ask her to play.

" I play for people who can't even remember the family member who is visiting them, but knows every word to the song I'm singing.  I've read that if people sing along, rather than just listen, it does something beneficial to the health of the brain, and when I'm playing all the songs they know but haven't heard for years, I look around and almost everyone is at least mouthing the words, even if they can barely make a singing sound!  It's all pretty incredible, and I love sharing music with them!"

Luanne has played retirement homes in the area for special events, outside summer parties, and even for small family gatherings.  If you are interested in having Luanne play for your elderly loved one, either at home or at the facility where they are a resident, get in touch by clicking on the Contact Page.

Note: Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, Luanne can no longer play in-person.  However, you can see her performances here -
The Peeps Musical Hour and the Peeps Quick Cafe!

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