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The Rotary

By Luanne Crosby

You take your life in your hands, I think we all agree

At the Rotary

It isn’t the first place anyone chooses be (unless maybe you’re picking up a pizza)

Traffic’s increasing and it comes through town

The commute’s getting worse, and that can get you down

So I‘m gonna tell you how to get around

The Rotary

First it isn’t crazy If you’re kinda confused

Bout the rotary,

There are stop signs, yield signs and crosswalks too

(It ain’t a typical rotary)

There’s parallel parking, and some straight-on

Makes you wonder what planet you’ve landed on

But you’re not in space, look at the lines they’ve drawn

You’re at the rotary

First thing to remember – those in the circle have the right of way

Second thing to remember- once you’re in don’t stop or delay

You might think it’s nice to let someone go

But it’s not polite, cuz then the whole thing slows

You might make a friend, but you’ll make many foes

At the rotary

The RotaryLuanne Crosby
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Round and Round and Round the traffic goes

At the Rotary

If you go around twice no one will know (just do it if you gotta pick up your shoes)

Just follow the rules in the previous verse

And don’t get upset if you get cursed

You might get in last, you might get out first
Cuz it’s a rotary

I want to remind you all of why it’s here

The Rotary

It might make you feel a little better, and things more clear

Bout the rotary

All roads feed through that single spot

Cuz the town was built next to Cedar Swamp

And instead of becoming a sea of asphalt

We’ve got the rotary

Which would you rather have?

The rotary

Cedar swamp cleans our air and water - you know what can’t do that?

The rotary

So we’ll just have to put up with it … .

The Rotary

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