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Song of Remembrance

By Luanne Crosby

I look back through my memories
Past autumn days and fallen leaves
To time now past and out of view
When part of me lived deep in you

Now I don’t know where you have gone
Or what of me you took along
But in this quiet song I sing
I touch some sweet remembering

I open up my heart and pray that you’ll step in
I’d tell you all about the years gone by and how I’ve been
I’ll tell you how I never once stopped loving you
You’ll be amazed at all the promise, at all the coming true

Songs like lives come to an end
But can be passed from friend to friend
So let me sing a line or two
Of love and loss, of me and you

And let the words hang in the air
Till I can almost see them there
Then let them fall away like rain
And leave the silence once again

Song of RemembranceLuanne Crosby
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