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Bad Habits

By Luanne Crosby

I miss my bad habit, the one that made me high

That little shift in consciousness could really get me by

I felt clever, I felt funny

And oftentimes profound

But paranoia soon set in

Transcendence turned to confusion

Maybe something changed within my brain

I’ve tried a few tokes since then

But it never feels the same

I miss my bad habit, the one that calmed me down

I’d fret then have a cigarette to turn my mood around

Good with coffee, Great with booze

A satisfying break

But I couldn’t breathe and couldn’t sing

And cancers not a laughing thing

And though I miss the ritual of smoke

I’ve tried a few drags since then

But it only makes me choke

Bad HabitsLuanne Crosby
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I miss my bad habit, the one that eased the pain
That little buzz of alcohol running through the brain
Nights were fun, friends were too
Whenever bored or down
But though it seemed to do the trick
I’d always wake up feeling sick
Now if I drink too much it’s a mistake
A glass or two of wine’s about as much as I can take

I miss my bad habit, the one that hid the scars
A pair of arms to hold after a night spent in the bars
I felt loved and I felt special
When I thought I’d found the one
But pretty soon it all came clear
My search for love just sprang from fear
These days I’m more resolute
There are just some things for which there is no substitute

I miss my bad habits, seems like nothing fits the bill
So I’ve got to face the emptiness
Find my own internal bliss
Standing on the edge of the abyss, like this
I know I will

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