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As We Distance (a Parody)

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As We Distance - Luann Crosby

As we distance

The world feels kinda blue

Since in groups we can’t convene

As we distance

We try to do whats right

Such as practicing good hygiene


As we distance there is anxiety

And it echoes through the land

There’s a little hope

But there’s not much peace

As again we wash our hands


As we distance, it all seems mighty strange

But we do what we have to do

As we distance, inside the grocery store

You wave to me and I wave to you


As we distance we feel like instruments

That can’t play with the band

So we disinfect

Others to protect

And again we wash ours hands

Corona Virus

Corona Virus

Corona 19


As we distance you still look like my friend

Even though we can’t embrace

As we distance, it’s hard to comprehend

The ending of the human race

As we distance

We’re zooming cocktail hour

And religious gatherings too

We all do our best

But everyone is stressed

Cuz everyone won’t make it through


Yes We do our best

But we’re all stressed

May those you love all make it through…


Corona Virus

Corona Virus

Corona 19

Apologies to Bette Midler for using her great song, From a Distance, for this parody!

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