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Music of the Civil War

Luanne developed her Civil War presentation when she was asked by the Westborough Historical Society and Westborough Historical Commission to play at their “Living History Day” in conjunction with the 150th anniversary of the Civil War. 


She has had many requests since then, from those who have heard or heard about her  program,  from Civil War groups, to local historical societies and genealogical societies, to share what is a compelling and entertaining story about music from that period, the composers who wrote them, and how the soldiers brought them into battle.

Her narrative is illustrated with songs sung by North and South alike.  Many are sentimental and romantic and many more are patriotic and speak of love for country and the willingness to die for the cause.  Listeners are often surprised at how many melodies they find familiar, even without knowing the background of the composition, proof that music is a historical reference that is part of all of us, even if we are not conscious that it’s taken its place within our hearts.

If you would like to be notified next time she is presenting her program, or would like to hire her for your group or event, drop her a line on her contact page.

Luanne presenting her Civil War program at the Willows in Westborough for the Westborough Historical Society
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