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Architectural Walking Tours

Luanne's life partner, R. Christopher Noonan, has a Masters in historic preservation and founded a company,, specializing in varied Real Estate related services, including cultural resource planning.


Several years ago Chris offered to provide the Westborough Historical Society a program of Architectural Walking Tours of some of the town's historic neighborhoods.  He asked Luanne if she would like to join and provide an appropriate sound track, which she did - accompanying herself on her ukulele and playing songs of the time and that are relevant to the built environment, in sometimes funny and touching ways.  These programs proved to be some of the most popular that the WHS offered.

In 2017, the 300th Anniversary of the town,  Chris and Luanne donated a year of programs, one a month, sponsored by the Westborough Center for History and Culture at the Westborough Library, that are now being made into videos through Westborough T.V.  The first one can be found here:



 Photo, Elaine Birkholz

Be sure to listen to the original song, The 100th Town, which Luanne wrote and donated to the 300th Anniversary festivites, complete with video here:

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