The 100th Town  L. Crosby © 2016




The 100th town in its 300th year

Is raising a toast with pride and good cheer

For all that we are, for all we will be

For our vibrant and deep and rich history



In Seventeen hundred and seventeen years

Seven and twenty families lived here

On the day of 18, in the month of November

Though none of us here was alive to remember

Something occurred, for us all beneficial

The western borough, as a town was official



Of course it began many thousands of years

Before humans like us and our ilk all appeared

Long before sleighs, long before shoes

Our ancestors paddled in dugout canoes

On rivers that we now enjoy in our leisure

Their source of survival, now our source of pleasure


Repeat Chorus


The town citizens in those earliest days

Weren't from around here, they came a long way

Embraced a new life and new land unseen

Arrived by the power of wind & of dreams

Some ended up fighting the country they fled

We’re the United States on the blood that they shed



But true revolution has many a face

It’s not only war that changes a place

Industrial growth touched this small farming town

Which over the years has seen ups and seen downs

Has grown & has prospered, has struggled & won

And we are a part of all it’s become


Repeat Chorus


So that brings us here, to this day, in the present

To a town that is thriving, and pretty and pleasant

A rich tapestry in our midst has unfurled

Made with neighbors that come from all parts of the world

We’re techies and truckers, we’re teachers and more

All of us touched by who came here before

Repeat Chorus

All original songs Copyright L. Crosby