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This Beautiful Town

by Luanne Crosby



This Beautiful TownLuanne Crosby
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This song encourages people to cherish the historic architecture around them. Click the link to watch the VIDEO. Click Special Programs on the menu bar to get back to the Westborough 6-pack page.

Take a walk around this beautiful town
Each building has a history
Some known and some a mystery

Right in view, there are so many clues
Look up at details to explore
You might have never seen before

All of us who live here now are stewards of the past
It’s up to each of us to see (that the treasures all around us) last

Ideas abound, for this beautiful town
Let’s do the things that we can do
To guard the past, embrace the new

As they say, where there’s a will there’s a way
Before much more can be improved
Impediments must be removed

But occasionally we get to see architectural features that were lost

Restoring their previous glory, is worth the effort and the cost

Take a walk around this beautiful town
Imagine with a little skill
Some vision and some shared goodwill
What the future might hold for
This Beautiful Town

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