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The Library Song

by Luanne Crosby



The Library SongLuanne Crosby
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The Westborough Public Library has plans to become even more awesome than it is now. Check it out!

We all know it as the place that has books
But the library’s changing – you should take a look!
There are so many other things to borrow and share
There are places to go and we can get you there

IT’s not just a building you see
On your way to someplace else your supposed to be
You know we might have just what you need –
Maybe your supposed to be at the library!

The Library
Center of our community
You can take that literally – it’s just a block from the rotary (next to the police station)

It’s The Library
For the 21st century
You really outta come and see

Our building, so outstanding
with a grant we’ll be expanding
We’ll respect the past, as we welcome the new
And we welcome you to the Library

The library has so much you need
And so much you want whatever it may be
Tools, electronics, crafts and games,
kitchen equipment, there’s too much to name!

What if you can’t make it there?
Then home delivery can’t compare
Just let us know and we’ll deliver it for free
(And of course there’s lots to download too) from the library

The Library
It’s the heart of our community
A welcoming and modern to place to be
But one that loves history – and culture (in fact there’s a room called that)!

It’s The Library
For the 21st century
You really outta come and see

The things that we have planned
You’ll see it all first hand
As we Incorporate your concepts and ideas
All will be on view when the project is through
And we welcome you to the new Library

For the community: a place to meet, a place to work, a place to share ideas, a place to borrow things, a place to learn, a place to have fun, a place to relax,
And yes – there are books!

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