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Look Up!

by Luanne Crosby



Look Up!Luanne Crosby
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A reminder for people to look up and see the great architectural features all around them!
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Look up, look up, at the parapet
Look, up look up at the eaves
Look up, look up at the pediment
Look up there’s so much to see

Look up, look up, it’s a cupola
Look there’s an oriel too
Look up look up at the dentils
There’s just so much you can view

Ain’t that crenellation on the façade
Ain’t that a mansard roof
I’ve been on the architectural walking tours
My vocabulary is the proof

Look up, look up, it’s a turret
Look there’s a bracket right there
Look up look up there’s a balconet
Right at the top of the stairs

Look up – it’s a corbel
Look up – it’s a pier
Look up whenever you’re on the town
And you never know what’ll appear …

Look Up!

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