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Jekyll or Hyde

by Luanne Crosby


Jekyll or HydeLuanne Crosby
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For anyone who has loved a person with Biopolar Disorder.

Jekyll or Hyde
Who’s it going to be today?
Kind words, sweet touch, carrying my heart away
Or jealous fears that I can’t tame
Anger when you curse my name
How can the chasm be so wide?

Jekyll or Hyde
I know which one is really you
That’s why, I try, knowing that you need me to
Waiting out each violent storm
For the love that keeps me warm
For the hurt and anger to subside
Jekyll or Hyde

Yea its hard for me, gotta steel my heart
Not let the weapons of your words tear me apart
Like I’m the shore and you’re the sea
I let the pain wash over me
(cuz) I think how much worse it is for you
And that I should be here when your battle’s through
Seems the least that I can do

Jekyll or Hyde
You know it can’t go on this way
Its not good for me and I know that I shouldn’t stay
Though I don’t want to punish you
For things that you don’t mean to do
I can no longer live this great divide
Jekyll or Hyde

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