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A Life Like This

by Luanne Crosby

© 2015

A Life Like ThisLuanne Crosby
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I wrote this wondering why I'm so lucky to have the life that I have when so many others, like Syrian refugees, are struggling to stay alive.

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Why now?
Why here?
Why somewhere safe, with so little fear?

Why me?
What grace
Finds me living in this place?

I did nothing more than be born a mother’s child
In a peaceful land where fortune smiled
Not violence-torn,
Nor ringed by raging fires
Set by warring sides

Why you?
Not me?
Who’s walked 1000 miles, and faced the sea?

We’re loved
The same
But we were born with different names.

I did not choose my circumstances, nor did you
Yours a life of struggle, mine of a privileged few
I’ve known mostly comforts
You’ve known endless war
But neither knows what for

Why me?
Not you?
Who received the gift
Of a life like this?

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